About us


To offer a wide range of table, floor, chair and on-site corporate massage therapy services with an emphasis on quality and personalized service while providing consistent value to our customers.


Massage therapy

At Baraka massothérapie inc. our massage philosophy is simple. We provide a customized massage according to our client’s needs and our judgement as massage therapy professionals. Every massage session can be modified according to the objective set by the client at the start of the session. The result is that the client always receives a massage that corresponds to their need at that moment.


Baraka massothérapie inc. is involved with several business associations for the development of its business and the massage therapy industry at large. We are proud of the business relationships that we have created and we constantly work to maintain them by adhering to an ethical code of conduct towards all. By being part of the business community we want to contribute to the vitality of the neighbourhoods we are located in and the well being of its residents.


Being incorporated does not mean that a business can subtract itself from having practices that show it has a social conscience. Baraka massothérapie inc. is proud to support several non-profit organisations and when possible we will continue to do so in the future. For us helping others is helping ourselves.


Since we first opened our doors we immediately took steps to be certified as a green business (Appellation V) through our local “Éco-Quartier”. On top of recycling we have put into practice policies and procedures to reduce our consumption of electricity, paper and water. Every year we take up new challenges to reduce our impact on the earth and strive towards being carbon neutral.


Baraka massage therapy was founded on the 10th of November 2003 by Nicolas Lakoff, massage therapist and entrepreneur. The 15th of December he opens the company’s first massage therapy center in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal burrough of Montreal.

The center rapidly reaches its cruising speed and following a fortuitous meeting of a talented colleague, he becomes partners with Cynthia Lemay, an accomplished massage therapist in her own right. Over the next few years the clientele and the staff grow steadily and finally in October 2007, together they open the second center on Monkland Avenue in the NDG borough of Montreal. In April of 2008, Cynthia wanting to work abroad decides to leave the business, ending their partnership.

At the begining of May 2008, the center in the Plateau expands and now has 7 massage therapy rooms, effectively becoming the largest massage therapy center in the borough. Baraka is now a family which groups close to two dozens people and the company’s future is brighter and brighter thanks to them and our wonderful clientele!