Your massage therapy center on the Plateau Mont-Royal

The word BARAKA reflects the essence of our business. It’s evolved over the ages to signify good luck, abundance and blessing. It’s inspired our intimate and warm ambiance, our Morrocan décor and even the entrancing perfume of our music.

Our company specialises in massage therapy services and nothing else. For us nothing is more important then quality and we choose our massage therapists with that in mind. Whether you visit our center in the Plateau Mont-Royal, receive a chair massage at your place of employment or at an event of some kind we guarantee your satisfaction.

Welcome to our virtual world!


You can now make an appointment online through Go Rendez-vous on our website. Please note that you must call us for appointments with less than 2 hours notice and/or if you cannot find the desired duration or service online. All appointments at 10 a.m. must be taken the day before (and not the same morning).

Some novelties in the massage techniques offered:

  • Energetic treatment: without oil, you stay dressed, mix of cranial therapy, shiatsu and polarity.
  • 100% facial massage: facial massage aimed for firming the skin, reducing fine lines and giving a lifting sensation.