« A warm welcome, special attention to our problems, irreproachable cleanliness, and an effective and professional service, what more could you ask for? »
Pierre Chamberland, Montréal

« I have been a client of yours for many years now. For me the massage that Cynthia gives me is indispensable. The quality of the hands, the touch, the pressure and the intensity of wanting to do it well makes all the difference. I am addicted to this form of relaxation which does me wonders every time. It’s a well kept secret that I do not wish to share, if only to selfishly look out for my own needs… Salutations and good luck in your future projects.
Yanick Pagé, Montréal

« I first went to Baraka because it was close to home and finally, I can’t see myself going anywhere else, even after I moved. One word to describe what I immediately felt: immense respect on the part of the entire staff. Equally as important is the attention to detail in the décor, the ambiance and materials used. What’s more, I believe that it’s because of the regular massage sessions by one of your (excellent) massage therapists during my second pregnancy that I had noticeably less pain and anxiety than during my first one. Session after session he was able to release specific tensions that had made me suffer so much the first time and I was able to be much more mobile and serene. So, a great big thank you to your entire team. »
Karen Weck, Montréal